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I design things.

Turning my clients great ideas into beautiful products to promote

User Experience

To make sure we reach our business goals, we need to map out the user’s story and anticipate pain points so that ultimately the end product is easy to use.


Interface Design

Turning priorities into motivation for users to interact with content is a fun challenge. In 15 years I’ve had a hand in making over 100 successful apps & websites.


Brand Development

I spent the first half of my career in digital marketing, creating websites and video content to promote the things we make and communicate with target audiences.

Project Example

Athletic Connections

A networking tool for athletic professionals
Project Example

Content Analyst

A research tool for data visualization
Project Example

3M Megatrends

A product ideation tool for research and development
Project Example


A treatment control for class 5 lasers
Project Example


A mobile app for social scavenger hunts
Project Example

Ecolab Scheduler

A scheduling tool for corporate sales events


Working to improve the digital landscape for the past 15 years
  • The Smyth Group

    UI/UX Design Lead
    November 2013 – Present

  • SmartThings

    Creative Director
    November 2012 – September 2013

  • Refactr

    Creative Director
    October 2008 – November 2012

  • Risdall Marketing Group

    Associate Creative Director
    March 2000 – October 2008


As one of the first people at this startup, I produced dozens of promotional videos, designed application flows and product packaging. Hit play below to see the first video I produced for our Kickstarter campaign that raised $1,209,423.

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My wife designs leather goods, so I made her some promotional materials. Our talented friend Kishi Bashi let us use his awesome track :D

Grand Woodwork
Floor Restoration Video

I worked with this local restoration company to offer 3 Tips For Sanding & Restoring a Hardwood Floor on their website.


About Me

I like other things too

I have a beautiful wife named Robbie and a less beautiful dog named Sherman :). We live in Sacramento, CA and volunteer in an immigrant community from Southeast Asia. In our free time, we love doing anything creative. Keep scrolling for some examples!


My friends and I have been playing music together since we were kids. We've published a few albums under the name "Akai".

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The older I get the more I value documentation as a memory aid. Some people would rather live in the moment, but if you can't remember the moments, it's as though they never happened.

My Moments
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Making stuff

Painting was my first love and I think it's affected how I approach creative challenges. Every problem is just another bucket of unopened paint.

Some Paintings
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